Work-Relay Supports Growth of Leading Fiber Networking Solutions Provider by Enhancing Business Operations Efficiency

Uniti adopted Work-Relay, a native Salesforce solution, to better manage interdependent processes and business operations across 123,000 route miles, 7.1 million strand miles of fiber, serving 25,000 customer connections.

Chicago, IL November 1, 2021—Chicago-based Work-Relay and Arkansas-based fiber optic network leader Uniti announced the successful adoption of Work-Relay for process and project management. Just some of the value Uniti is experiencing includes:

  • Enabling company growth by efficiently creating customized project execution plans—managing uniquely assembled processes as projects
  • Creation of a Multi-Order Tool (MOT) to organize repeatable and automated processes
  • Highly efficient assembly of defined and repeatable processes in ways unique to specific customer projects
  • Managing complex interdependencies

Work-Relay is a Salesforce native business operations platform that helps organizations systematize repeating work by modeling the structure and sequence of the work, the resources required to execute the work, and the timeframes required to complete the work.

Uniti Turned to Work-Relay to Manage Its Business Operations Complexity
While routine installations in existing markets require the management of many details, the work is pretty straightforward.

"However, when we're building a new network in an area where we are not already well established, we are balancing the build-out of both the cabling and the logical network,” shared Cathy De La Garza, Senior Vice President, Order Management & Service Delivery. “This is where projects become complex, very quickly.”

Between construction teams and network engineering teams, there are a myriad of details and decisions to manage. Layered on top of these considerations are specific customer needs for very different types of customers. The complexity created by these interdependencies was becoming very difficult to manage and risked slowing Uniti’s ambitious revenue and market expansion objectives.

Salesforce is Uniti’s database of record, and the challenges the organization faced were rooted in the fact that their billing records were also their implementation records. This configuration created the need for many orders to fit the billing model and assure the proper execution of the work.

Dividing jobs in this manner made it very difficult to track all the dependencies required to complete the order for the customer. The interdependencies were the source of complexity.
“As we expanded locally and regionally, growing our footprint the last couple of years, the increased complexity and increased volume of projects were creating unsustainable workloads for our project managers,” commented De La Garza. “We had to find new solutions and new resources that would allow us to manage our opportunities better. Thankfully, we found Work-Relay.”

Work-Relay Is Allowing Uniti to Execute Processes as Projects
To allow Uniti to execute customer orders more efficiently and effectively, they needed to organize repeatable and automated processes but configure them to meet specific customer needs, orders, and timeframes. Essentially, they needed to create projects that contained typical project management tools like Gantt diagrams and progress scorecards but consisted of a collection of repeatable processes assembled for the specific job. While no project was the same, every project contained a series of repeatable processes assembled in the right ways.

Partnering with Work-Relay, the Uniti team created the Multi-Order Tool (MOT). The Uniti team defined approximately eight commonly used objects that must be linked together to track the life of an entire project. These objects like customer order, primary contact, location, products ordered, and other objects necessary for a given project included a collection of well-defined and repeatable processes.

“Above all else, we needed to manage complex interdependencies, effectively manage how a change in one aspect of the project impacted all of the other objects,” Karen M. Dias, Director, Wireless Service Delivery. “Work-Relay allows us to do this. It has been a 100% game-changer in our ability to establish a project completion timeframe and complete projects on time. Basically, it lets us create a plan and stick to it. This is one reason we are growing so quickly.”

Work-Relay allowed Uniti to assemble defined and repeatable processes in ways unique to a specific customer project.
"What makes Uniti unique is their ability to deliver dedicated yet complex products and services at the highest quality to each of their end customers," shared Kramer Reeves, CEO, Work-Relay. "Complexity frequently rears its head, so Uniti's success is a combination of their team's leadership, robust fiber optic networking technology expertise, and managing the complexity using Work-Relay. We are delighted with the results Uniti has experienced and are excited to continue the partnership."

Read the complete case study to learn how Work-Relay supports Uniti's growth through increases in business process efficiency.


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Work-Relay is a global B2B SaaS development company based in the US with operations across four continents offering a comprehensive solution built on Salesforce for managing and optimizing complex business operations. Work-Relay helps organizations systematize repeating work by modeling the structure and sequence of the work, the resources required to execute the work, and the timeframes required to complete the work. Seamlessly overlaying a Salesforce implementation, Work-Relay simplifies the management and optimization of complex operational work to maximize worker productivity, increase company-wide visibility and enable business agility. Our clients include large enterprises and small and mid-size companies across 12 industries. Typical use cases involve installing fiber optics, managing clinical trials, coordinating custom manufacturing, and managing product design.

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