Work-Relay Is Proud to Be Among CIO Review's 2021 Most Promising Salesforce Service Providers

Salesforce is well known for providing the incredibly robust platform businesses need to streamline business processes, manage customer relationships, and increase sales. In addition, Salesforce's inherent strength is the network of Salesforce Managed Service providers that truly provide the SaaS platform with the wide-ranging capabilities and flexibility for which Salesforce is well-known.

Each year, CIOReview compiles a listing of 10 companies at the forefront of providing Salesforce consulting/services and transforming businesses.

"Work-Relay is proud to be part of the Salesforce Management Service network and is incredibly honored to be included within CIOReview's 2021 Most Promising Salesforce Service Providers," commented Kramer Reeves, CEO, Work-Relay.

Work-Relay's mission is to help businesses manage complex operations. Looking across the business landscape, the editors at CIOReview recognized what many of us have known for some time. Companies worldwide are struggling with the reality of increasing complexity within their operations and processes and process management approaches that aren't keeping pace. 

Departments work in silos, and management does not have real-time visibility into the organizations' initiatives. Additionally, traditional project management tools are ill-equipped to manage the intricate interdependencies of all of this escalating complexity.

At its core, Work-Relay is a comprehensive, unified, out-of-the-box, enterprise-grade platform built on Salesforce for digitizing, managing, and optimizing complex business operations. 

Work-Relay enables Salesforce customers to systematize repeating work combining the capabilities of business process management solutions with the features of project management tools in one unified toolset. The tool models the structure and sequence of work, resources for completion, and the timeframe required to complete the work to ensure processes run efficiently and minimize disruptions.

As comprehensive as Work-Relay is today, our team never stops pushing forward. "Work-Relay's inclusion within CIOReview's 2021 Most Promising Salesforce Service Providers is exciting, but we are looking forward to all of the successes in our future, and most importantly, the opportunity to play a key role in our customers' successes."

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