Case Study - Managing Complex Projects on Salesforce

This case study addresses a process-driven project consisting of multiple interrelated, concurrent sub-projects. 

The case study is introduced and the solution presented, followed by an overview of the out-the-box support functionality provided by Work-Relay.

CASE STUDY: Fiber optics installation

  • Multiple fiber products are sold to customers and each product has its own defined process.
  • Construction is required for some orders, milestones are tracked in a construction process that is separate from the product processes.
  • One construction site can have multiple fiber product orders associated with it.
  • The timing of each fiber product process requiring construction is dependent on construction milestones.
  • There is a one-to-many relationship between construction site and fiber product orders.
  • Create dependencies among multiple independent processes e.g. a construction project where the status of one project impacts another. Work-Relay also allows you to see all these projects in consolidated Gantt charts and other dashboards.

Case Study: Fiber optics installation

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