Typical Challenges:

  • Siloed visibility into plans, status and results across a broad range of people.
  • Lack of early warning system that alerts when SLA targets are in jeopardy.
  • Spreadsheets and generic project management tools are unable to handle the complexity and volume of projects.
  • Fragmented collaboration across multiple communication channels.
  • Cumbersome visibility and sharing.
  • Inability to include external users in processes.
  • Inability to rapidly respond to changing customer demands.
  • Inability to review and improve processes.
Cinque Terre



  • Flexible Process Creation: Easily create process variations for different customers to ensure optimum outcomes.
  • Work-Relay Smart Steps: Deliver just-in-time knowledge for process participants to efficiently complete their process steps.
  • Work-Relay Progress Dashboard: Complete real-time visibility of process progress.
  • Complete Information Visibility: Reduce miscommunication by centralizing accurate information making changes immediately visible.
  • Chatter: Deploy faster problem resolution through contextual collaboration.
  • Automated Alerts: Reduce lag time through notifications, reminders and escalations.
  • Work-Relay Smart Forms: Capture accurate data, faster.
  • Automation: Auto database updates, issue creation and web service invocation increases efficiency and improves accuracy.
  • Rules, Reminders and Checklists: Execute more efficient and timely work transitions.
  • Reliable Performance Metrics: Allow for continual process improvements.
  • Consolidated Data: Make smarter decisions with timely updates and consolidated information.
  • Audit Trail: Increased accountability through a detailed task tracking.

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