9 types of dysfunctional business processes - How to find them and fix them

Every objective in an organization is met by running a process, even if that process can only be seen in retrospect. Dysfunctional processes are like an invisible killer that pervades the organization, and are typically fueled by an over-reliance on emails, spreadsheets, and meetings to communicate about and manage projects and processes.

Processes involving knowledge workers are particularly fluid and need to be  adaptable. These workers  interact in a world of fuzzy decisions, work in the gray area of abstract concepts, and tend to be highly unpredictable, often changing things and tinkering with the process rules.

This leads to a wide array of dysfunctional business processes that slow down the organization and increase costs, risks, and time, and decrease customer satisfaction.

It is therefore critical for every organization to find dysfunctional processes and fix them to accelerate time to value, cut costs, and ensure compliance.

In the eBook (downloadable below), we take a look at:

  1. 9 types of dysfunctional processes
  2. Symptoms of dysfunctional processes
  3. Strategies for fixing dysfunctional processes
  4. A 10-point plan for fixing dysfunctional processes

9 types of dysfunctional processes - How to find them and fix them

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