Today, every organization needs to create a consistent, connected experience for all stakeholders working to execute key business processes including: customers, employees and partners. This vision requires a comprehensive system  that supports people in achieving their business goals, wherever and however they happen to work. The following are 9 ways to make this vision a reality.

#1 – A common point of access

Stakeholders need a single, device-independent repository where they can find and access all of the digital tools they need to interact with the business – an ‘enterprise process store’ of available processes, to ensure ease of access, visibility of use and consistent governance.

Work-Relay addresses the full spectrum of business processes, from automated to ad hoc, in a single package.


#2 – A 360 degree view of interactions

Stakeholders are increasingly working across multiple topics and they need to gain a dynamic, ‘at a glance’ view of their range of ongoing tasks. They need to replace siloed, app-centric views with one which visualizes their total backlog of work holistically across all processes and systems.

By having all the organization’s processes, projects, and tasks in a single place, it is easy to get a holistic view of what work is being done for a given customer in real-time.


#3 – Personalization focused on individualized, contextual experiences

One size does not fit all. Therefore, the ability to ensure optimum outcomes for each individual customer every time is critical. A system needs to provide the ability to make changes on-the-fly to accommodate changing needs.

By making it quick to design, implement and adapt processes on-the-fly, users can ensure that they are responding to the exact needs of each client.


#4 – A single point of access for customers

Make it simple and consistent to digitally interact with your organization.

Work-Relay addresses this by having all processes and projects go through Work-Relay.


#5 – Rapid outcomes

Release  cycles can be shortened by enabling enterprises to rapidly model and test new processes before immediately rolling them out at scale.

Work-Relay provides the fastest possible way to design and implement business processes.

Cinque Terre

#6 – Delivering instant scale

Many organizations overlook the challenges and delays of scaling successful systems. A system needs to scale easily and seamlessly.

Work-Relay is proven to work in complex, large-scale implementations.


#7 – Democratizing improvement

Empowering non-technical users with simple tools can enable greater acceleration of business improvement. People can begin to improve things without the assistance of developers, trial new ways of working without upfront cost, and test new ideas before requesting further extension by IT.

Work-Relay is designed for business users with no need for formal training.


#8 – Empowering cross-functional collaboration

Enabling people to co-create their own processes enables them to work together for effectively. By breaking down old-fashioned organizational or application siloes, people can realign the processes they use to reflect the way in which value is actually delivered.

Work-Relay’s building block approach makes it easy to crowdsource the building and maintenance of processes.


#9 – Iterate fast

Each project should be discrete and be able to move in relatively small, fast iterations. Organizations need to be prepared to develop makeshift or temporary components as needed to get by.  

Work-Relay’s building block approach and fast development environment makes it easy iterate quickly.

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